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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I Feared for My LIfe

"I feared for my life," is the tired phrase some of these rogue and out of control racist cops use to justify killing black boys and men.  In Chicago, a young guy was shot down over a year ago because he was carrying a three-inch knife.  A police car pulled up in within 6 seconds of the officer stepping out of his cruiser; he shot the teenager sixteen times.  Two of those bullets in his back.  Tomorrow the video is being released as the result of a reporter.

The boys parents received 5 million dollars although the state/police department admitted no wrong.  The parents didn't want the video released.  Chicago is already in dire trouble with crime and murders and releasing this graphic video of a white man clearly murdering a teen will probably cause riots.  If they had not planned to release the video, the cop would still be out of jail and not charged with a crime.  But because it will be released, he was arrested with no bail today.  I'm so tired of our men being shot down like animals.  Rioting and burning down cities haven't stopped one thing.  We must figure out how to stop this mess.  I recommend:

  • Training officers how to de-escalate the situation.
  • Training officers to handle people with mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Arrest the officer for murder if his cameras are not on.
  • If an officer, does not have his camera on, fine him a large fine.
  • If he shoots an unarmed person, make him reimburse the city, and pay the hospital bill of the person he harmed without cause.

Nothing is going to change these racist cops from thinking they can continue to get away with murder, but hitting them in the pockets and taking their badges.

I realize these strategies are not enough, but we have to start somewhere.

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