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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where are senior activities on the south side in Chicago?

Help! My aunt called me last night crying because she is so lonely. Even though she is married and have grown kids, she said sometimes she does not feel like living because she is so lonely. She is a senior citizen about 63, I think. She said that hubby works all day, and when he comes home, after 45 years of marriage, he eats and goes to bed. She said all she wants is someone to talk to.

I think people stop taking her calls because last summer she almost died on the operating table and they gave her too much morphine. Well, although she survived, it seems that she has a memory problem. She repeats the same conversation, revisits the same topics, and ask the same questions every time she talks to you.

But I love her dearly. At this time in her life she should be a part of senior activities? Shopping with them, dancing with them, etc.

Does any one have any contact information so that I can contact a senior citizens' organization who could pick her up at least three times a week. Seniors hate to feel isolated and lonely? She lives on the south side about 15 minutes from downtown Chicago.

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