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Friday, August 07, 2009

Meet Prioritybooks Publications Newest Author


August 7, 2009

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Surviving Sexual Indignities through Redemption

After surviving years of rape from the trusted men in her life, Renita Marie Lamkin was sure the she would never recover from the abuse and likewise never be able to trust men. From sexual abuse, to a failed marriage rife with adultery by both partners, Renita Lamkin believed that she would never love again, or be able to enjoy the warm embrace of a man. In Holy Moly! The Spirituality of Sexuality Rev. Lamkin explores her past sexual pains, and proves that redemption and true sexual gratification is attainable.

Lamkin beautifully weaves her sorrowful stories of sexual abuse with the redemptive words from the Bible. Through the thoughtfulness of her terminology, and the transparency of her past, Reverend Renita Lamkin’s Holy Moly! The Spirituality of Sexuality is sure to abound the lines of gender, age and religion. Lamkin’s own personal story of sexual abuse, misdeeds and now sexual redemption within the confines of her marriage are inspiring and easy for all to relate to.

Not only does Lamkin provide her struggles of a past that is wrought with sexual betrayal, she also provides the reader with solutions toward a trustful and joyous intimate life. Not claiming to be an expert, she offers tips and advice that helped her and others in the past. Regardless of a couple’s marital status, Rev. Lamkin’s words offer help and power to transform any and all relationships.

Lamkin’s honesty is a refreshing breath of air that allows the reader to relate to her story, without the fear of feeling condemnation. Renita Lamkin’s experiences range from rape, to sexual adultery, thus allowing her to have a profound voice that speaks to many without the sense of judgment or damnation. Rev. Lamkin proves that no matter how hurt a person can be from sexual oppression, love and intimacy is still possible; and waiting for all who are willing to accept it.

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