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Monday, July 15, 2013

Tyora Moody, author of Deep Fried Trouble


About the Book

Widowed and officially retired, EUGEENA PATTERSON throws herself into organizing the neighborhood association. This presents a great opportunity to re-connect with old friends and get to know new neighbors like recently widowed Amos Jones, that is until Eugeena stumbles upon her estranged neighbor’s dead body. Eugeena’s daughter is fingered as a prime suspect, but where is she?


Determined to find her missing daughter, Eugeena and Amos sort through a list of neighbors with shady or unknown backgrounds. The more she searches, the more Eugeena becomes unsure about this neighborhood association idea. Someone closer than Eugeena thinks, wants to keep it that way.



About the Author

Serving up a creative mix, flavored with FAITH. 

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  — 1 Colossians 3:17 NIV

Tyora Moody is an author and entrepreneur.  Her debut novel, When Rain Falls, was released March 2012 (Urban Christian). This is the first book in the Victory Gospel series. The second book in the Victory Gospel Series, When Memories Fade, was released in April 2013 (Urban Christian).

Deep Fried Trouble, the first book in the Eugeena Patterson Mystery series will be released June 2013.

Tyora has coined her books as Soul-Searching Suspense.  She is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers. She served as a judge for the Christy Awards for three years.

She owns and operates, a design and marketing company.  For over twelve years, she has worked with authors, small business owners and non-profit organizations to develop their online presence. For free tips, how-to guides and e-courses, visit

When Tyora isn’t working for a client or doing something literary, she enjoys spending time with family, catching a movie on the big screen, traveling and when the mood hits her, baking cookies. Visit the author online at



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Can You Have a Crush on Someone After Age Fifty?
Excerpt from Chapter 1, Deep Fried Trouble
I should’ve turned around and gone back into the house as soon as I saw him. That would’ve been really silly since he’d already spotted me.
Eugeena Patterson, what’s wrong with you?  Get it together, woman.
I took a peek at my neighbor again. A quiver started in my stomach as I walked down the stone pathway in front of my home. The change of life had already paid a visit so I certainly couldn’t blame my hormones for making my knees turn to jelly. More than likely my anxiousness had to do with being a widow almost three years. The loneliness of my home, once occupied by a family of five, had grown claustrophobic.  Being officially retired, only a few days ago, after thirty years of service as a social studies teacher didn’t help matters. All this free time on my hands made me act peculiar.
I couldn’t believe that at my age, with three grown children and now three grandbabies, I had become infatuated with some man. An old one. But not bad looking, as far as I can tell with my new bifocals.
If only he wouldn’t be looking at me.
Over the shrubbery that separated our property, Amos Jones waved at me. What could I do but be neighborly? I plastered a smile on my face and waved back.
Lord, please don’t let me say anything crazy. So often I ended up feeling like I’d just put one of my size nine feet in my mouth.
With as much tact as I could, I smoothed my Patterson Family Reunion shirt around my hips, which didn’t outline my rolls anymore. Praise the Lord!
One good thing about walking, I’d lost thirty pounds. My steps even felt lighter. I never had an hourglass figure mind you, but at least my pants weren’t riding up between my thighs. That would have been too embarrassing.
Sure enough as I reached the sidewalk, Amos drove his lawn mower alongside me. The way he grinned, one would’ve thought his mode of transportation resembled a shiny red sports car. Men and their toys, especially the ones with wheels.
My impression of him remained the same as the first time I saw him over a year ago. He reminded me of Harry Belafonte. One of those men who managed to look more distinguished with age.
Now me? At fifty-nine, I looked nothing at all like the younger version of myself. Not that I was ever a beauty queen.
“How ya doing this morning, Mr. Amos?” My cheeks burned from grinning. “You got your grass looking all good, as usual.”  My right eyelid started to twitch. I hoped he didn’t think I was batting my eyelashes.
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