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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Debate 2016-Trump and Hillary

After watching the debates last night, I couldn't imagine a minority person voting for Trump, although I know many will do so.  For those individuals who have daughters and sons, you would have to be clean out of your mind to vote for a candidate who told you he was going to implement Stop and Frisk in your communities because you black people are living so poorly and commit so many crimes.

This election is bigger than any I have lived to talk about, because whoever is selected will have the honor of naming supreme court judges who will serve a lifetime.  Evidently, if Trump wins, the judges he nominates will have on invisible hoods.  This election is not a joke.  Trump doesn't like people who don't fit his mold of wealthy and white.  You can vote for him if you like, but when he turns his back on the low and middle-income white folks that loves him for hating us, they too will feel the wrath.

But for us, those who will fare well under any president, we must stand for those who will suffer.

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