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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mistakes Writers Make
You are not alone
by Rose Jackson-Beavers

If you are a writer navigating the publishing world for the first time, you are not alone. Novice authors often experience some challenges when it comes to producing professionally designed books that are error-free. Many mistakes, if not corrected immediately or avoided altogether, could easily jeopardize a new author’s credibility and writing career.

What must writers do to ensure that their work is seen in a positive light? Hire the best people to handle the varied parts of their book production. Seek people who are an expert in the field. East St. Louis nationally known artist and author Edna Patterson-Petty offers this advice: Find people whose livelihood depends on how well they do their jobs.

For instance, if you are looking for an editor, don’t hire someone merely because she has good English skills or works as a teacher. Find out if this person has direct experience in editing books. Before you enter an agreement with a firm, ask if the company focuses on editorial services. Request references. Has this company edited other authors? If so, who? Ask if you may contact these authors. Then do so.

Finally, remember this: You really do pay for what you get. If you want good services, you have to put your money were your words are. Following these simple guidelines will save you a lot of heartache and pain down the road.


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